Tips for starting your 3D Landscape Design

By February 7, 2017 Uncategorized

So we’ve been talking a lot about 3D landscape designs this winter and now you are ready to get going. But where do you start? To help you with the process, here are just a few quick  tips to help the process move along quickly and seamlessly.

 Know Your Yard

Before you even sit down with us to talk about the design, it is important to think long and hard about your yard and how you want it to come together. Think about things like how do I want to use the space? Who will be using the space? How will it flow from the house to the patio if I put it there? Where will the sun be in the afternoon when I want to enjoy the patio? Thinking things out gives us a good place to start and then we can come in and start giving you ideas and recommendations on how we think the space can be improved!

Talk with your Spouse if you are Planning it together

If you are working with your partner or spouse on the project, make sure to talk about the wants of both people before beginning your design . Nothing adds stress to a project quicker than one person taking over the design and finding out it isn’t going to work for the other person. Talking it out and planning pre-design will save time and money in the designing process.

 Fill out a Designer Questionnaire

Answering some tougher questions can sometimes bring up new ideas and push the design a little further, that is why we also suggest doing a design questionnaire before you get started. We will be unrolling a Richmond’s Questionnaire this spring so please visit our facebook page and keep an eye out for some new tools to get started with your projects!