So you’re on a budget: 5 reasons you need a master plan

By April 3, 2019 Uncategorized

So you’re on a budget for your landscape project, as you should be, and you’re ready to find the best price for installation and get to work! I mean you definitely need the firepit ready by the fall, right?! We love your enthusiasm and you’re smart to shop around, but don’t forget the importance of starting your project with a master plan. A yard is full of endless possibilities and what a shame it would be to get your project started and be disappointed with it by next season, wishing you would have put the firepit further from the house so you have room for a patio for dining off the deck. So to make sure you don’t make this costly mistake, here are 5 reasons you need a master plan:

1. Design set up for Phases

If you are on a budget, chances are you can’t get everything you want right now, and that’s ok. Having a master plan allows you to design everything you think you want in your space and then tackle your dream yard one project at a time. This gets the must-haves checked off your list while still having the space make sense down the road when you add more elements in.

2. Budgeting done right

A well-phased master landscaping plan allows for time to save money in between projects. If you put a plan in place, it gives you a starting point for saving and how much will be needed for each phase of the project. Not to mention life changes and if something unexpected comes up, you can skip a few years in between phases to give yourself as much time as you need without sacrifice the overall project.

3. Better Pricing

Having a plan in place when you go to hire contractors lets them know you are serious and allows for more accurate bidding. When they can look at your plan in advance, they will know exactly what they need to complete the project, which gets you a better overall price and cuts down on the time and money spent on costly mistakes or miscommunications. Everyone will feel more confident about the project if they have a plan in place.

4. You can make changes

Having something drawn up before the construction starts will allow you to have a better visual of your space. This will help you find mistakes in your plan before the work has been done. Adding or taking away is so much easier in the design stage than after your contractor has done the work!

5. Phases make for a better design

Landscape design is hard to do well without looking pieced together, not to mention life is always changing and new ideas come up along the way. A professional designer knows how to efficiently design stand-alone projects at each stage of design so that every element added looks well planned and complete. This gives you the freedom to add or take away pieces of the project, yet always have a yard that looks well done and complete from year to year.

If you’re thinking of starting a project, contact us and let us walk you through the different services we offer to help you set up a master plan for your dream yard.