How Much are Pavers?

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How Much Do Paver Stones Cost?

Whenever we start a project, one of the first questions we hear is “how much do pavers cost?” And of course it is, you want to make sure your dream landscape won’t break the bank.

Most pavers range from $3.75 to $12 per square foot (not including installation costs).

The exact cost will depend on the quality, type and even color of the paver you choose.

Where Are You Installing Pavers?

Do you want a paver patio installed, or are you going to use the pavers to create a stunning paver driveway? The type and size of project will also affect the price.

Larger areas will have a lower square footage price due to the volume of work in one area and the finish work. Installing a driveway is faster than some other hardscape projects, so paving a large area brings some economy of scale.

However, there are some paver stones designed for driveways and high-traffic areas that cost slightly more because they are a little thicker to meet testing standards for these areas.

Detailed Designs Cost More

The most expensive and time-consuming part of a paver project is the cutting and detail work. Round or curved patios add cost due to more cuts and finish pieces. Additionally, if you want detailed designs such as mosaics or other patterns that require a lot of cutting, it will add to the cost as well.


Don’t Forget Maintenance Costs

Your pavers are going to get normal wear and tear from use and weather, so be sure to take care of them with regular maintenance.

Depending on the amount of foot traffic it receives, your pavers will need to be power washed, remanded and sealed every three years.

Who You Hire Affects The Price Now (And Later)

No two landscape contractors are the same, and the same is true for their prices.

A certified contractor with an experienced team of installers (who receive competitive benefits), full-coverage insurance, professional equipment and uses high-quality materials will be more qualified to handle your project — and they will also cost more than someone who doesn’t have those things.

So, it will cost you more upfront to hire an experienced landscape contractor than it would someone without all of those qualifications. But, it can save you money in the long run.

You could actually end up paying more for your paver work if you go with the low-ball bidder. You’ll have to pay someone else to come in and cleanup their sloppy work — or even redo it completely if your pavers aren’t level or weren’t correctly installed. You really do get what you pay for.

Be smart with your money and hire a professional landscape contractor who knows what they are doing.

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