4 Reasons Why Design should be the first step in a Landscaping Project

By September 2, 2018 Uncategorized

Time Management

Working with a designer allows more time to fully think through your project. Most contractors are in a time crunch and once the project is started, taking more time can be detrimental to their timeline and costly for you. Starting with the design process gives you time to plan out your project step by step and think about your wants and needs at present and for the future. It also gives you the option to catch mistakes or make changes that would be expensive once the project is started.

Cost Effectiveness

In addition to catching any costly mistakes in your plan, Having a design in hand when hiring a contractor gives you the opportunity to get an accurate quote and those quotes will be apples to apples across all contractors. Having a final design gives less wiggle room and the estimate should be closer to the actual costs. Many contractors will also add in additional costs to cover changes to the project and if you are organized and well planned out, they can cut down on those expenses.

 Designers are well connected to wholesale nurseries and Suppliers

Because designers are regular in contact with building suppliers, they are very aware of plant availability and the different types of building materials. They also stay up-to-date on the market trends, which will keep your design fresh and add value to your home.

Peace of Mind

Being able to see your yard come to life before breaking ground adds peace of mind and eliminates the stress of your landscaping project. When you can visually go through all your design choices and plants in advance, it makes all the difficult decisions taken care of up front and then you know exactly what you are getting into. The ease of the project and money saved in changes and lack of knowledge is worth hiring a Landscape Designer.