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July 2016

4 Outdoor Lighting Trends for 2016

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Outdoor Lighting in Iowa City and cedar Rapids

As the fall approaches, we are shifting gears at Richmond’s Landscaping. The days will soon start to get shorter and the weather will cool, so it is important to think ahead to how you would like to be spending your time this fall. Do you have a nice fire pit out in your backyard you can’t wait to sit around? Or a new outdoor kitchen you want to host some friends at? If you plan on enjoying Iowa’s beautiful fall weather outside, then you may want to think about adding outdoor lighting this year.  The fall is when outdoor lighting is most beneficial as the days are short and it adds safety to your outdoor spaces. So when you are looking to add lighting to your outdoor space, it is crucial to know the trends and what is new in the outdoor lighting world! Here are the top 4 trends of 2016:


Sustainability continues to be important in the landscaping industry, which is why LEDs are on the top of the list for 2016.  LEDs last longer than the traditional incandescent bulb, and they also use less energy which is good for everyone. According to the US Department of Energy, Residential LEDs use 75 percent less energy and last 25 times longer than incandescent lighting.

Hidden Safety and Security

Landscape lighting is helpful in providing safety and visibility in your yard, but it doesn’t need to be visible during the day. Hiding lighting and blending it into the landscaping is on our trend list as it continues to be a popular demand. Keeping your yard beautiful day and night while enhancing the safety and security!

Here are some popular places to add landscape lighting:

  •       On stairs
  •       Staggered along walkways
  •       In plant beds to uplight your home
  •       Inside columns
  •       Under sitting wall

Enhanced Entertainment

​Lighting can be used around sitting walls, patios, pergolas with TVs, fire features, water features, outdoor kitchen and any other area where you want to relax and entertain.
Properly installed lights will enhance and complete the space by highlighting structures and creating a cozy, inviting ambience. Lighting can really set the mood for a relaxing, fun night outside.

Easy to Control

The digital world is everywhere and why not in your yard. Lights that are easily controlled and timed is important for usability and energy efficiency. Some are even going so far as to be controlled through phones and tablets. Digital enhancements continue to bring more to the lighting capabilities and will be a mainstay in the future.