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June 2016

5 Ways to Cool Down your Patio this Summer

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1. An Umbrella

The easiest way to create shade in your backyard is to add patio umbrellas. If you’re looking to cover your outdoor table, seating area, or pool lounge chairs, patio umbrellas will do just the trick. Decorative patio umbrellas come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials, so make sure you choose the right one for your backyard to stay shaded all summer long.

2. Curtains

Draw the shades in your outdoor entertaining area by adding curtains to your patio or deck structures. If you’re tight on budget and looking for a quick way to gain some sun protection, you can DIY these outdoor curtains with a couple canvas tarps and grommet kits.

3. Pergola

A pergola defines space, creates privacy, and most importantly provides shade. A pergola is a freestanding garden feature that forms a shaded walkway or sitting area with four posts or pillars that support a roof-like structure on top. You canhire a professional to construct a pergola for you, or DIY your own if you’re willing to tackle a more complex project.

4. Shade Sail

Another simple way to shade your outdoor living area is with a shade sail. Similar to a ship’s sail, a shade sail acts as a partial canopy to cover your favorite reading chair or even your pool. If you don’t want to permanently install a shade sail to your outdoor space, you can DIY your own at a fraction of the cost by choosing a fabric and hanging it above your desired place.

5. Pavilion

The best way to create a permanently shaded area in your backyard is to build a pavilion. This large freestanding structure typically lives a short distance from the main residence and is used as a more luxurious outdoor living area. You can add a kitchen, fireplace, or entertainment center to your backyard pavilion, while being protected from the hot sun.


Credits: Mady Dahlstrom, Content Editor for

Huffington Post