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April 2016

The Benefits of a Retaining Wall and Why to Add Stairs

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Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Landscape and Hardscape Contractor Retaining wall with stairs

This time of year is very popular for us to get calls about building retaining walls and for that reason we wanted to talk about the benefits of a retaining wall and why we think adding steps to a retaining wall is a perfect addition to your yard.

Stop Erosion

One of the main reasons we suggest installing a retaining wall is to prevent erosion from happening in any steep areas or areas that tend to lose dirt easily. Retaining walls fight against the land’s movement and stop the dirt from washing away and creating potential problems in your yard.

More Greenery 

It seems backwards to assume adding stone to your yard would create more gardening areas, but intact a homeowner who’s yard is very hilly or sloped may find much of their yard unusable. Adding tiered retaining walls can create more space for gardening, playing and outdoor living areas. So while you may be adding a lot of stone, you are getting more green space in return.

The Focal Point of your Yard

Adding hardscaping to your yard will add beauty and functionality to your space. A wall can be an opportunity to define a focal point and highlight a certain area of the yard. With a little Landscaping and Gardening, your retaining wall might even be the most beautiful feature of your outdoor area. One thing we highly recommend when adding a retaining wall is to add stairs into it. Here are a few reasons we think retaining wall stairs will take your yard to the next level

  • Steps are a place that people like to trim off of the wall design.
  • Steps add function to a wall while looking beautiful
  • Steps add structural strength to a wall when tied into the side walls of the steps.
  • Makes a wall look more inviting especially when low voltage lights are added to them.

Retaining walls and landscape walls are very functional and beautiful, making them a very appealing option for any yard. If you are interested in a retaining wall or project in your yard, please contact us today or call our office in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.