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March 2016

Light up your Summer

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Are you ready for summer!? It is almost here and if you have kept up on our posts, you would know that this year is the summer of light at Richmond’s Landscaping. Outdoor Light that is! If you are looking to get the ball rolling on your outdoor lighting, here are just a couple things to think about when planning where and how much light to add to your space:

1. Hazards

Look around your yard at night and find the places that could pose potential hazards for your family or your guests. Lighting up things like sidewalks, paths and steps adds a sense of security and makes your guest feel at home in your yard.

2. Eats and Seats

Figure out the places that you would like to have outdoor seating and also where you would set up an outdoor dining area when entertaining in your outdoor living space. These are the places that you will spend the most time relaxing, so it is very important to light this area up so you are able to enjoy it at anytime of day.

3. Favorites

Look around your yard and think about your favorite areas. Is it a water feature, a piece of art, maybe where your kids like to play. Keep these spots in mind for lighting as you want to draw attention to the features in your yard, as well as have plenty of light in your favorite spots!

If you would like help planning your outdoor lighting, please give us a call today to talk about how we can help create your dream yard!

Sod vs. Seeding

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Richmond's Landscaping Cedar Rapids, North Liberty, Iowa City Seeding and Sodding Grass

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we thought we would go GREEN, Richmond’s Landscaping style. Outside you can see the green grass starting to poke through the ground signaling that spring is upon us. So it may be on your mind to get going on some of those patches that need grass or even a whole yard. So to help you get green for St. Paddy’s Day, here is our segment on Sod vs Seeding:




  • More options of species are available when seeding.
  • Seeding is initially less work.
  • Lower initial cost than sodding.


  • Planting time is crucial to the success of seeding
  • Takes a longer time to establish.
  • Once the seed germinated it will require fertilizer, top seeding, and possibly herbicide to kill the unwanted weeds.
  • Initial watering is important and time consuming.



  • It feels as you have a Lawn immediately instead of having to wait
  • You can walk on it sooner after planting.
  • Dust, mud and erosion quickly disappear
  • Planting and growing season is longer and less important
  • Essentially weed-free.


  • Higher cost
  • Choice of species is more limited.
  • Not produced in shaded environment.
  • Large volume of water needed initially.
  • Installation plays a large part in the success of the sod.
  • Speed of rooting varies with season. Spring and fall are optimal.