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February 2016

6 Simple Ways to Get Your Patio Ready for Spring

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Are you getting excited for warm weather and patio parties? Well, so are we! It is coming soon so we are here with a few simple solutions for turning your outdoor area into this summer’s hot spot. Whether your outdoor living area is big or small, in the country or the city, there are a few things you can do to get it ready so you can enjoy the outdoors this spring. Here are 6 simple ways to dress up your outdoor living area and be ready to call your friends for deck party on the first warm day of the year!

1. Lighting

Whether it is custom lighting or landscape lighting from Richmonds, or just a string of lights hanging above your deck, lighting makes a big impact and sets the mood for your outdoor living area!

2. Seating

Selecting the right seating for your space is key to making your patio or deck functional. For big spaces, farmhouse tables and outdoor sectionals are a great way to gather friends and family. If your space is small, use smaller, more functional furniture with bright colored pillows to add vibrance to your small outdoor hideaway.

3. Bar Area

Everyone loves to have a drink on the patio. Whether you like lemonade or beer, cooling off in the hot summer is a must. Make sure it is ready for guests though as all your neighbors will be stopping by to enjoy your patio, maybe even uninvited!

4. Pergola

Pergolas can really define your outdoor living space and act as more of an extension of your home design. It makes for a great seating area and provides much needed shade and privacy.

 5. Area Rugs

Bringing the feel of the inside out makes for a cozier patio. Rugs are a very inexpensive way to add color and class to your outdoor area and a good reason to kick your shoes off on a summer night.

 6. Fountain

Water features are a great way to bring a relaxing and natural feel to your deck or patio area. The sounds are soothing and lend to the ambiance of your outdoor living. Not to mention some nice colors or planned landscaping with it can really take your outdoor landscape design to the next level.





5 Reasons to add outdoor lighting

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When spending time outdoors with family and friends, it is important to illuminate your outdoor living areas for many reasons. Whether you are enjoying a little rest and relaxation on the patio, or out in the yard with the kids, light is important to use your space to it’s full potential. Outdoor lighting can also serve many purposes from decor to safety, so take a look at what made our top five list of reasons to install outdoor lighting:

1. Saftey

When spending time outdoors, safety is number one on our list. Lighting up walkways, stairs and patios ensures that people can navigate your spaces safely. It also makes people feel more welcome into a space when it is lit and welcoming. Here is a list of important areas to light: patio, deck, garden, pool area, outdoor seating, steps, sidewalks, driveways, garages and entryways. The more lighting you have installed, the safer your home will be!

2. Security

Adding lighting to your home gives of the feeling of security and a well-maintaned space. When a home is well cared for, it discourages trespassing and theft. Installing lights with motion detectors help when you are out in the yard to feel safe, as well as deterring criminals from coming to your property.

3. Curb Appeal

Adding lighting to your home makes it seem warm and inviting. It also presents to neighbors and family a well-cared property. Adding lighting will add an appealing look and add value to your home.

4. Decor

Lighting and highlighting specific areas of your home and outdoor living area makes for prime opportunity to use decorative lighting. Lighting can set the mood of your space and highlight your gardening or tree line areas. You can also add things like lantern lighting and candle light to really add ambience.

 5. Function

Adding lighting to your outdoor area allows for you to use the space long after dark. Adding lighting invites people to stay long after the sun is down and the kids can play longer in the yard. Adding that ambience adds extra space to your home in the summer months to spend with family and friends.