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October 2014

Plan an Outdoor Living Space

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One of the most cost effective means of increasing total usable “living” space in a home is through the addition of an outdoor living space. Without having to build walls, install windows, or extend roofs, the addition of an outdoor living space becomes an affordable way to add “square footage” to your home.

In fact, with modern technology and a few creative additions, that outdoor living space easily becomes an extension of your home where you can watch a Sunday football game or host a party.

However, the creation of an outdoor living space should not be left to the inexperienced as there are multiple issues that must be addressed before you even think about starting. Here is just a short list of items you should consider and why building an outdoor living space should be left to a professional:

The Elements

If your planned area of use is exposed to the wind or to the full heat of the sun, how exactly will you create a comfortable and usable space that can shelter you, your family, and your guests from these elements?

What about those irregular rainstorms? How is your outdoor living space set up to handle drainage in the event that you are hit with a rainstorm?

The Utilities

We cannot stress enough the importance of planning your utility usage well ahead of time; this is also the critical time to consider any future additions you may want to add later. For example, what if you are building an outdoor space now with the intent of adding a BBQ island at a later date? Then you should take the time to plan out its location and run utility lines and pipes to the area now.

What if you are building an outdoor living space for entertainment purposes? Then water features, wet bars, mini refrigerators, lighting, electrical outlets, and TV / Entertainment stations become a priority and need to be planned out.

The Measurements

Failure to measure properly can lead to a mountain of problems and aggravation in the future. Even a 1/16th of an inch mistake can cause problems. In fact, an improper measurement can result in having to change plans mid­-design which is expensive, time consuming, and not easily done.

The Element of Scale

Outdoor living spaces do not have windows, walls, or doors which facilitate the determination of scale. This often results in homeowners, or the less experienced, misjudging the size of the usable area and the appropriate size of the living space.

Unfortunately, this issue normally does not become realized until after the deck has been built or the pavers have been installed. The end result is a space that is overcrowded, has poor traffic flow and is uncomfortable.

The Element of Lighting

Without a professional designer and builder leading the way, many homeowners, or, the less experienced forget about the details. One such detail is the element of lighting. Accent and mood lighting can make all the difference in the world between a space that is warm and inviting, and will garner use, or one that is cold and uncomfortable.

Don’t compromise or settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to your outdoor living space. Ultimately you want a space that is beautiful and usable. We can create a space that takes advantage of the outdoors and incorporates it into the existing flow of your home. We feel that outdoor living spaces should be an extension of your home and should flow seamlessly from the interior to the exterior while matching the style and personality of your existing home.


sources: Lovette Construction