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April 2014

Designing My Outdoor Kitchen. Part #1.

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The first thing to think about is how do I see myself using the space.

Is it for everyday grilling or for entertaining?
For family get together or large parties?
Are you using it after dark?
Do you need attentional shade?
Will you be using it in cooler weather?

Answering these questions will give an idea of some of the things you should think about before starting, for example, with an everyday grill you want to be closer to the indoor kitchen. This is so you are closer to where the food is stored and for grilling in cold and wet weather. With a grill for entertaining you might want your grill site a little further from back door. People tend to gather around the grill area so more room is nice.

In the next part of our Designing My Outdoor Kitchen blog we’ll dig deeper into these questions and how to plan your space. Keep watching for our next update.

How do I take care of my new paver patio?

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After your new paver patio from Richmond’s Landscaping of Cedar Rapids is complete, the care is similar to any other patio. You can sweep it as much as you would like. If you want to save on your back, one of the easier and better ways to keep it clean is to use a leaf blower. It’s fast and makes it easy to get everything out of the corners especially when there are seat walls along the sides of the patio.

You may also want to wash your paver patio. A garden hose with a nasal works great, just don’t use the jet spray setting right in the joints. They do have paver cleaners that can be use for a deeper cleaning. Apply cleaner as stated in their directions, then scrub with a long handled brush and rinse well with water. They also make tar, rust and stain removers. You may also power wash the pavers to really clean them up. If you chose to power wash them, just be sure not to spray directly down on the pavers, this will blast the jointing sand out of the joints. If you spray at an angle and don’t lineup with any long seams you should be OK. And finally, if the paver doesn’t come clean with any of these methods, the other option for a stained or damaged paver is to just replace the paver. This is also one of the great benefits of a paver patio, the ability to replace pavers and still have them to match the others.

Hope this information helps and keep posted to our blog for more tips for your yard and landscape!

Your friend’s at Richmond’s Landscape

What are differences between a paver patio and a stamped concrete patio?

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They both can be used to create a beautiful patio. The difference comes in the duality and flexibility of the products. Here in the Midwest we jokingly say we have two kinds concrete, concrete that’s cracked and concrete that’s not cracked yet. Stamped concrete is still concrete. They still have to cut relief joints in the concrete every so many feet. These relief joints are used to try to keep the cracking of the concrete in the joints. With paver this isn’t needed because the pavers themselves work like a relief joint every few inches. As for the flexibility between pavers and concrete, pavers are very flexible.

Some advantages of pavers are that they can be added to, moved and even sold.  Stamped concrete, however, is very hard to get colors to match if you decide to add on more patio later. As far as reusing there is nothing to do but break it up and haul way.

As far as cost, pavers do cost a little more than stamped concrete but in the long run with all the advantages of pavers over concrete, you might be better off looking in to pavers. If you are debating between the two types of material, contact us and we would be happy to help you in deciding which would work better for your space and budget.